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   Albert Einstein     :         Relativitively Speaking

  . . . . . . a musical comedy from Tangram Theatre

T e a l b y  V i l l a g e  H a l l

Friday 3rd October 7.30 pm

tickets £9, £10 at the door, under 18, £3,  from the shop 01673 838718

 Part 1 - call it A

Writer-performer John Hinton and director Daniel Goldman bring you this new musical comedy from Tangram Theatre Company.


‘Here’s a treasure … handled with something close to brilliance … This one’s a winner’ – The Times

‘Gloriously scatty … a winning formula’ – The Stage


Ever wondered who Albert Einstein really was? Ever wanted to travel back in time? Ever been interested in what actually happens in a blackhole? Ever been curious about how they made the atom bomb? Ever needed to get a 20m spaceship into a 10m garage? Ever looked at E=mc² and thought… What?! Yes? No? Either way, join Albert, the genius behind the über-coolest moustache in science, for an hour of songs, silliness and the wurst sausage joke ever, in the show that (theoretically) proves Einstein = Musical Comedy Squared!

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking has all the answers and much more! Combining comedy songs, clowning and gloriously bad puns alongside proper explanations of the science behind his landmark theories and some rather surprising revelations into the great man’s personal life, this show is an hilarious and thought-provoking answer to everything you ever wanted to know about Einstein but were too afraid to ask! A hit at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

 Part 2 - call it B

 Drinks interval

Part 3 - call it C



The audience are invited to bring their questions, equations and mind boggling theories about life, death, the East Lothian question, or any problems you have with the calculus . Albert, our resident Einstein, will endevour to answer them with humour and aplomb, or anything else at hand.

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