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Sunday 12 March 7.30 pm

Friday 17th March 7.00 pm

Friday May 5th 7.30 pm

 David Mynne  [ Great Expectations and Dracula ] returns in  -


The journey of all journeys. To Hell. And back again. Gods, Monsters, Sirens, Derring-Dos and Derring-Donts! A love story that lasts decades. It's Greek stuff... with all the boring bits removed! If ever a show was designed for the smallest venues, this is it; a compact piece of theatre magic. David Mynne’s skill with just a few simple props, a rubber face and clear and concise storytelling will fill your hall with drama and delight. This year he’s going to hell and back in the company of Heroes, Gods an d Monsters. A host of exciting characters - including a one-eyed Cyclops, a sexy sorceress and the terrifying Sea God Poseidon - will conjure up a mighty storm and keep you on the edge of your seat. There will be a cast of thousands. There may be a bit of water. There will be a lot of laughs!




Lincoln Jazz Festival


Julie Edwards Quartet


The Julie Edwards Quartet have played hundreds of venues and festivals in the UK, and a few abroad. This concert is part of the week long Lincolnshire Jazz Festival,  with many concerts happening in Lincoln and outlying villages such as Tealby !